Prices for starting a company in Estonia

How much does it cost to start a company in Estonia? What are the administrative expenses to be considered after starting a company? You will find answers to these important questions below.

Company registration fee starts from 350 EUR. We have streamlined all processes and can guarantee that you will get a company in Estonia at the best price on the market.

In addition to the cost of starting a company in Estonia, it is necessary to consider administrative expenses, which include registration address and accounting services.

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    Costs for starting a company in Estonia

    Estonian company administration costs

    Frequently asked questions


    Our price does not include the costs related to certifying Power of attorney document in your local notarial office. The approximate cost is 50 €, but it may differ from country to country.


    If the management of your new company resides outside Estonia, you will also need to appoint a contact person in Estonia. Our contact person service costs 300 EUR per year and includes the registration address for your company.

    These are mainly costs for accounting and company registration address / contact person service.

    You can pay for the order using a credit card (VISA / Mastercard).


    if you prefer another method of payment (for example, IBAN-transfer or Paypal), please contact us and we will make a special arrangement for you.

    No, you don't. Depositing and registration of share capital in the amount of 2500 € is included in the cost of our services (which is a significant advantage, as it greatly simplifies the registration process for you as a customer).

    Start your company in Estonia now

    Company registration
    350 €

    Including all state- and notarial fees in Estonia

    350 €
    Address & contact person service
    300 € / year

    Including post forwarding

    300 € / year
    VAT registration in Estonia
    75 €

    Special price for our new customers

    75 €